Sunday, January 25, 2009

The water has arrived!

Here are the photos I promised a mere 14 days ago, lol! The lake has finally been filled and now all that remains is to add the gazebo with the outdoor fireplace and more foliage. Then all the components of the centerpiece will be done. I'm posting the photos sequentially to the construction process.

Grass, the retaining wall and some barkdust.

I realized there was barkdust around the house foundation so I added that in as well as the rocky shoreline of the lake.

Finally, the lake itself. I painted the lake fabric just as I did the sky fabric. Believe it or not, the water was much more challenging than the skyline. The paint looks much darker when it's wet. This piece of fabric was first painted with water diluted layers of yellow and blue, then let dry, then painted again with a second layer of straight paint. I added a teensy bit of shimmer to the first layer but it isn't apparent after having added the second layer of paint.

I will be thread painting to add some more detail to the entire picture. Actually to all three, both this piece and the two fish. I still am going to add more trees around the side and bottom of this piece to give it a more framed look with a bit of an overhead view.

Small sections of my sewing tables are starting to become visible again as more of the fabric is landed on the project instead of waiting its turn for placement. Instead of pieces of fabric spread out so I can grab what I need as I need it, there will soon be spools of thread and wound bobbins of differing colors as I thread paint the project. I bought a second bobbin case for my machine so I can switch the cases instead of taking out a bobbin, loading a new one, adjusting tension etc.

I did decide not to trapunto any part of the house block. Because there are so many small pieces for the foliage, I'd not be able to trim out the batting inbetween leaves. I do think I'll still trapunto the fish though not until after I've secured all pieces with monofil and then thread painted them.

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