Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to quilt I go (not exactly)

More on the Commissioned Quilt

Once again my joints are acting up enough that standing is a real PITA. Thus, very little quilting is happening. I've tried ironing when sitting down. It's scary. I don't recommend it. At least I took some better pics of the house in the bass quilt than the ones I originally wanted to post so this should give you a better idea of the progress I've made.

Here are photos that give a closer view of the foliage on each side. JR thinks I should add some evergreens but in the pics Mike sent me, I only saw a small number alongside the driveway so I'm skipping it.
Here's the left side of the house, and below is the right side. You probably figured that out though, didn't you? I knew you were smart!
You Can Easily Help the Foundation for Ichthyosis
Yes, really! I would never lie to you.

F.I.R.S.T. is the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types. Their site is located at They, with the help of financial donors and lots of fundraising by members, fund research for ichthyosis. So few of us have it that unless we fund it, no one else does any because it's not profitable. Any advances that have been made that help ichthyosis in the past have only been because some dermatologist has thought it might be helpful though the treatment in question was created for some other issue.

FIRST was able to join to get some assistance. If you go to Goodsearch's page, you will see two boxes. The first box is where you can enter whatever you're searching fo, the second box is where you enter the name of the charity you wish the sponsors to contribute to. If you start typing in "Foundation for Ichthyosis," it will supply the rest of FIRST's name and their location, which is North Wales, PA. The search engine plugs in to Yahoo's search engine, so it is rather thorough.

FIRST is also a member of the United Way, so if you work for a company that gives matching contributions, please think of us!

I've made a few small quilts for their charity raffles over the years but I'm thinking the quilts might raise more money if I auction them over the internet. However, with the amount of quilting I've been getting done over the past two years, Lucifer might be wearing longjohns if I'm going to get them done before the next FIRST conference in July of 2010.

Of course, you can always contribute money directly. Here's that link just in case!

Facebook vs. MySpace

I started an account on MySpace a long time ago but I rarely ever use it. A friend bugged me to try Facebook so I did. I like it. I had looked at it a while ago and it didn't seem very user friendly to me but either they changed it or my attitude did as now I find it easy to use. It's amazing how many people their system reconnects you with by cross-referencing dates, locations, and organizations such as schools and employers. I'm having fun with it. If you would like to see some additional photos that don't have anything to do with what I'm working on, click this link. The address is huge since it takes you straight to my page. Here's the whole thing in case your browser doesn't take you there when you click the link.

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