Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why I started a blog

For someone who doesn't work (not by choice) and has no children, I still don't have enough time to accomplish everything I want to. I quilt, tat lace, cross-stitch, occasionally crochet, and read voraciously in addition to having two delightful dogs and one incredible husband that I love to spend time and do things with. Is there such a thing as "enough" time? I don't think so. I do agree with Stevie Wonder, though. Every time is a time to love.

I started this blog because I like being able to share things with people. I recently joined an online tatting group, Here Be Tatters, and blogging is how many members share their patterns and pictures of their work. I am trying to assuage some guilt at my lack of keeping up email correspondence with all my buddies so maybe this is a way of allowing folks to stay current, both ways, by me posting and them commenting as they wish. It also means I no longer have to try and have my faulty memory keep track of whether or not I told someone something. I can let everyone know with this thing and I can even post pictures. Not bad!

I have also learned that regular writing helps me keep my mind a tad more organized and helps me stay a bit more accountable to my goals. If I am writing about where I'm at with something and where I want to be, it's easier to see where I've procrastinated and stop it. In my book, these are all very good reasons to have a blog. And of course the most important one, because it's fun.