Friday, April 9, 2010

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Set. Fire. To. Quilt.

After weeks of no quilt progress, I worked on Beast today. I then of course had to rip out all but maybe 5" of embroidery. F^%ker.

I had to go on a wild goose chase 'cause this doohickey called a Sew Slip that I use that helps slide the fabric around while I do free motion embroidery had gone missing. I'd been searching for it for ages and finally decided it was a lost cause therefore I must replace. Free motion embroidery is quite laborious for me, even more so with my arthritis and that sheet makes the fabric much easier to move.

I had forgotten I bought it originally at a place diagonally across town from me so I went to three other locations before giving up and acting like an intelligent person to call around and see who had it. Beth was kind enough to drive me out to the diagonally opposite end of the Portland metro area to get a replacement. She figured if she drove me, I might not be too wiped out by the energy expenditure to work on it. She would have been right if the next morning I hadn't woken up with cracks on the bottom of my feet. Ahh, I just love my body with all its little joys. Whenever it looks like things are moving along and I get to be at least 50% as active as I would like to be, something acts up, whether it's ichthyosis, arthritis, depression, whatever. Thus I've been sitting on my butt all week long soaking my foot and putting goo on it every few hours in the hopes I could use my toes again soon. Thankfully, it healed quickly mostly 'cause I was good and did what it takes to make it heal, and you all know how much I love sitting on my butt.

It wasn't until today that I had enough spoons to work on Beast again. Of course, after all this buildup, something had to go wrong, right?

Somehow I managed to catch the edge of the slider doohickey with the bottom of the fabric I'm embroidering and this is the result. I drew a red box around it so you can find it more easily.

I had to pick that, along with several more inches out, with my trusty seam ripper. Once again, F^%ker. I ended up with a tension headache that promised to be a whopper so I took some Vicodin and went for a walk to let the temptation of setting fire to Beast pass. I figured my feet would re-open but I guess Fate decided I needed some sort of break today.

I normally have a potty mouth, but I swear, this quilt brings out the worst of it in me. It's draped across the sewing table and I'm trying not to glare daggers at it, not that it would care. My head still hurts but not as bad. My dogs are being adorable, so I think I'll throw in the towel for now and sit and read with doggies in my lap. For all my bitching, life isn't so bad.